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The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership has developed a comprehensive health and wellness program to promote active lifestyles and foster healthier outcomes for residents. We are committed to offering healthy, no-cost opportunities for the people in our communities.

  • Classes are fun, free, and easy to join
  • All ages and fitness levels are welcome — Free Fitness is for everybody!
  • We offer a spectrum of activities including yoga and aerobics, HIIT workouts, bootcamps, groovy Zumba, barre, educational walking and biking tours, sunrise and sunset hiking, pickup soccer, nutrition workshops, how to skate and bike classes, and even a monthly run club

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We are actively recruiting new instructors to join our program. If you or someone you know is a fitness instructor and wants to offer a BeltLine Free Fitness class, we’d love to hear from you!

The Free Fitness Program is only possible with our instructor partners who volunteer their time and talent to offer classes around the Atlanta BeltLine. We are actively recruiting instructors for the 2023 season.

If you or someone you know is a fitness instructor and wants to offer a BeltLine Free Fitness class, we’d love to hear from you.

Email the free fitness team to get started at You can also fill out the form found here.

Fitness classes would not be possible without our dedicated instructors.

Benefits of Being a Free Fitness Volunteer

Want to help improve the quality of life and health outcomes within our community? Join us in the mission of improving the well-being of adults, youth, and seniors in the neighborhoods surrounding the Atlanta BeltLine.

As a volunteer instructor, you will receive

  • Recognition on the BeltLine website
  • Class promotions to our BeltLine audience
  • Sharing your classes on social media

Email Kellie to get started at!

Fitness Instructor Collective

The Instructors of Free Fitness

Browse below to learn more about the expert instructors who make the BeltLine's free fitness program happen.

Audrey Cash

Deaundra Audrey Cash is changing how we think of hip-hop culture and spirituality. She is the founder of Level3 Yoga, a yoga studio that promotes physical, spiritual, and emotional healing while combating the stigmas around mental health within BIPOC communities. Audrey is a yoga instructor, meditation guide, health and wellness speaker, mental health activist, and sound healer, leading sound baths throughout the metro Atlanta area. In addition to teaching at Level3, Audrey has led international retreats and continues to provide yoga, meditation, and wellness services to corporate clients like Spelman College and Microsoft.





Coach Lucas

Datavious Lucas is a certified NASM Youth Exercise Specialist and founder of Faith First Fitness, a customized wellness program for educators and parents that teaches children ages 2-12 the importance of nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness activities. After being involved in a head on car collision that ended his dreams of pursuing professional sports, he decided to make it his mission to encourage the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of children by teaching them to be active and healthy in fun ways. Using sports, obstacle courses, yoga, and learning about healthy fruits and veggies, his focus is to encourage the least active child to adopt a healthy lifestyle that can transcend into adulthood. His motto: Start Children Healthy! Grow Them Strong!




Dawn Peck

Dawn Peck has been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Choreographer for 11 years. She specializes in Zumba, Zumba toning, Aqua Zumba, hip hop and MixxedFit. While currently a North Atlanta resident, she is from Nashville, Tennessee and grew up living in Connecticut. Her class Dance with Dawn is an outdoor family fun fitness class that serves the community and inspires people to move to the beat of the music while making connections with others. Dawn’s favorite genre to teach is afrobeats and hip hop, and when not instructing fitness classes, she is a Certified Professional Medical Auditor and spends time with her life partner and friends exploring the beautiful city of Atlanta.





Fatima Manson

Fatima Manson is a certified Juice Therapist and owner of Healing Vibes, LLC. She began her journey as a holistic health coach 9 years ago when she discovered the healing benefits of juicing. Over the years, she has helped many people treat conditions like chronic pain, eczema, allergies, high blood pressure, and digestive issues. She is a firm believer that the benefits of juicing has the power to restore your health.







Jessica Mitchell

Led by certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) Jessica Mitchell,  this mat-based workout is an athletically powered, dynamic movement flow, challenging all levels, set to your favorite Christian contemporary, Christian Hip Hop and Gospel music. Each experience incorporates prayer, meditation, and corporate belonging within the Kingdom of God. You don’t have to believe in Christ to join us on your mat. Love and respect will be extended to you regardless of your belief system. Since most classes are in unconventional spaces, come prepared to sweat as you stretch and power through a series of postures to lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles. I invite you to have fun, show up as you are, bring a friend, build community, and flow as you know!





Katoya Sumner

KaToya has a big smile and is a big personality Pound Master Trainer. She stays ready to bring the fire and energy, to unite all in movement and rhythm. She’s also always ready to have a good time! KaToya teaches classes all around the city of Atlanta to rockstars of all ages and stages. She enjoys staying active and exploring new activities. She’s a jump rope enthusiast, avid road cyclist, and an energetic POUND ICON. You’ll want to come and soak up all the good times in her engaging Pound classes!


Kellie James

Native Atlantan Kellie James manages the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership’s Free Fitness Program and Instructor Collective. She has a unique set of interpersonal and professional skills that make her a great addition to the team and talent that is expanding the reach and offerings of the program.

With dual, nationally-recognized certifications as a Spin Instructor and Certified Project Manager, Kellie is a natural-born people person. She has led large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years. And she loves to educate and introduce Spin to anyone who gives her a second to listen.

Her love for fitness started in 2020 when her youngest daughter headed off to college. After trying out a variety of fitness genres, she discovered Spin and the rest is history. In her spare time, Kellie enjoys riding her bike on the BeltLine and trying new restaurants.



Moses Carroll

Moses Carroll is an entrepreneur, community advocate, and CEO of FitSquad Studios, Inc. in the heart of the historic Pittsburgh community. Hailing from Memphis, Tenn., Moses grew up in the musical backdrop of country, hip hop, southern rap, and rhythm and blues, which is evident when taking one of his training sessions.

Moses is the founder of MC Healthcare, Inc., a non-profit organization developed to educate and create awareness for individuals and small business operators in underserved areas that would like to establish a wellness program for their employees. With more than 25 years of fitness industry experience, he also is the creative director of Pole Dance America production. He designed an innovative and challenging competition format using gymnastics and theatrical performances that tours across the United States.



Nancy Smith

I’m Nancy Smith, the owner of Bfit Athletic Club. I am a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I have over 10 years of experience in training of all ages, fitness levels and groups. Fitness is my passion and helping others live a better life by taking control of their health is my mission. I started Bfit Athletic Club to show others how being fit and taking care of your overall health can transform your life. I can show you how to make the right choices for YOU so that it becomes a lifestyle that you ENJOY. Join me and make a commitment to Bfit!





Nasirah Gaines

Nasirah Denisse is a certified yoga instructor focused on the union of mental, emotional, and physical health, who teaches yoga throughout the Atlanta area. After discovering yoga as a no-impact way to stay fit and alleviate the pain of her inflamed joints, she created Yoga Infinitum, a virtual yoga studio. Her business offers one-on-one and group sessions, yoga events, and retreats. She teaches a variety of yoga styles that are participant centered, encouraging yogis of all levels to give themselves permission to make time, tune in, and find ease.






Nia Umoja

Nia Umoja, a revered holistic engineer, wellness expert, and seasoned fitness instructor, seamlessly merges age-old wellness traditions with state-of-the-art technology. Her groundbreaking Proof of Wellness Protocol integrates her signature Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) method, breathwork yoga, sound therapy, and aromatherapy. Through her work at Be Well Luv Co. and Future Proof Org DAO, Nia forges sustainable wellness ecosystems that nurture personal and communal well-being. Currently pursuing a PhD in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, Nia adeptly harmonizes ancient practices with modern tools like WEB3 and AI. Rooted in a foundation of self-love, her global influence via Be Well Luv Co. inspires individuals to adopt holistic self-care, fostering a more harmonious world.




Ricky Lawson

“Malandro” (Ricky Lawson) is a Capoeira teacher with over 25 years of Capoeira teaching experience and bicoastal programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Atlanta, Ga. He is passionate about spreading Capoeira, African rooted martial art, that empowers and connects communities through principles, traditions, and methodology. Malandro is certified with Filihos De Bemba (Children of Bemba) School of Capoeira and is the first American of his rank to operate a school in America as an affiliate of the headquarters in Bahia, Brazil at the direction of the Director, Mestre Nenel (Son of the Founder Mestre Bimba).

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Sule Welch

Sifu or Coach” Sule (Sule Welch) is a professional martial artist with a multi-disciplinary training background. As a Kyo Sa Nim, Sifu, Guro, Professor (many cultural terms for “Teacher”) and Coach he has dedicated over 40 years of his life to seek out experts to better understand himself, build communities and research martial art training methods (i.e. Boxe Francaise-Savate, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Kali-Silat-Eskrima, Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Tai Chi, , Ju-Jitsu) to continuously elevate to the highest form of learning – TEACHING. These programs are offered at The W.E.L.C.H. Center (Wellness Equals Lasting Capital & Health) located in Atlanta, GA (Vine City).





Tina Rasheed

Sifu Rasheed is a certified Tai Chi instructor in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her training in Tai Chi in 1977. Following certification in Yang Family form (1982), Ms. Rasheed studied Tibetan Qigong and Kung Fu while instructing both locally and nationally. In addition to Tai Chi, she studied Tibetan Qigong and Kung Fu.Throughout her career spanning 30 years as a public health researcher in Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Ms. Rasheed applied her mission as a martial artist by integrating self-applied health enhancement techniques, such as Qigong and Tai Chi, as a strategy to promote health and prevent disease within many of the community interventions she developed. She also serves as a physical education/athletics instructor at respective colleges in the Atlanta area.