Health & Wellness

A connected network of vibrant neighborhoods is fundamental to the vision for the Atlanta BeltLine. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership has developed a comprehensive health and wellness program – consisting of free fitness classes, road races, a run club and more – designed to promote active lifestyles and foster healthier outcomes for residents of BeltLine neighborhoods.

In this video: Old Fourth Ward resident Chelle Shell was in need of a lifestyle change. Her doctor had told her she was “extremely obese”, which was leading to other more serious health problems. Never a gym rat, Chelle started searching for a form of exercise that would work for her. A good friend suggested she try biking, an activity she’d enjoyed as a child. A few weeks later, Chelle had bought a bike and formed a connection with the Atlanta BeltLine that would change her life. Chelle shares her amazing story with us in this short but inspiring video.