Property Tax Assistance for Legacy Homeowners

The Legacy Resident Retention Program (LRRP) is a resource to help longtime homeowners living in Atlanta BeltLine equity priority subareas in westside and southside neighborhoods stay in their homes by covering the costs of increases in property taxes through the 2030 tax year. More than eight out of ten Americans believe a home is the best long-term investment, and LRRP empowers homeowners to leverage the benefit of rising property values for generational wealth-building outcomes. All LRRP program participants’ income levels are below 80% average median income (AMI) level for the 2022 US Department of Housing and Development’s metro Atlanta area median income statistic, and 95% of the LRRP current program participants’ income levels are below 50% AMI level.

Atlanta is a city of neighborhoods, and it is a priority of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP) Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) that residents who have worked for a long time for their homes and helped to build their neighborhood can enjoy and benefit from the growth, new spaces, and opportunities that traditionally lead to homeowner displacement.

We believe housing stability yields many opportunities and better outcomes and strengthens the well-being of children, youth, adults, and families. Stable homes are a fundamental characteristic of vibrant and robust neighborhoods, which play an essential role in every aspect of our lives, including families, friends’ employment, and the support of local businesses. The Legacy Resident Retention program is made possible by the generous support of our philanthropic partners.

Program Eligibility

The program is for the city of Atlanta residents only who live within the program boundaries in the west and southwest neighborhoods in BeltLine subareas 1, 2, 9, 10. Use the address lookup tool below to verify if you live within the program boundaries prior to submitting a pre-registration form.

Check My Address


Applicant must have purchased and lived in the home prior to March 2017.


Applicant must currently live in the home.

Property Heirs

Heirs of property are eligible if they meet all other qualifications.


The LRRP income eligibility determination for the program is by the annual US Department of Housing and Urban Development metro Atlanta area median income (AMI) levels table. The area median income is the midpoint of the region’s income distribution, meaning that half of the households in a region earn more than the median, and half earn less than the median. A household’s income is its gross income, which is the total income received before taxes and other payroll reductions.

If your annual household income is lower than the 2022 US HUD Metro Atlanta AMI Levels based on household size, you are income eligible for the Legacy Resident Retention Program.



2023 US HUD Metro Atlanta
AMI Levels

Household Size
LRRP Income Limit*



*LRRP allows homeowners income eligibility up to 100% metro Atlanta AMI level.

Submit Pre-Registration Application

The program application process for applicants is a two-step process with pre-registration and application steps. The pre-registration step verifies that the applicant is a City of Atlanta resident inside the program boundary, identifies the property parcel, verifies income eligibility, and validates homeowner resident tenure and homestead exemption status. In the application step, the applicant receives an LRRP application with a request for a completed application and supporting documentation. The supporting documentation for the application step includes proof of identification and occupancy before March 2017 via a letter of residency from Georgia Power OR the Atlanta Water Department.

Should you apply? Watch this video from an LRRP Participant, explaining why you should apply today:


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Resources & FAQs


We are committed to helping BeltLine residents secure the resources necessary to preserve affordability and help them stay in their homes.

Resources offered by Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Programs:

Home Empowerment Workshops

The Atlanta Beltline Partnership partners with best-of-class strategic partners to conduct workshop series designed to help homeowners and renters. Visit the Atlanta BeltLine Youtube Channel Affordable Housing and Home Empowerment playlist to view recorded workshops.

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Home Empowerment Workshop Videos

All Home Empowerment workshop videos are on the Atlanta Beltline YouTube channel on the Affordable Housing and Home Empowerment playlist.

Home Empowerment Providers

The guide provides a list of organizations and programs that can help, including contact information and details on how to qualify for and obtain assistance. View Provider List.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common Legacy Resident Retention Program questions here.

Is LRRP only for seniors?

No, LRRP is for any age homeowner.

What does the program do?

The program serves as a resource to pay property tax increases for current legacy homeowners residing in west and south side neighborhoods located in BeltLine subareas 1, 2, 9, and 10 through the 2030 tax year. The communities in the subareas are the following:

  • Subarea 1: West End, Oakland City, Westview, Bush Mountain, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville
  • Subarea 2: Pittsburgh, South Atlanta, Capitol View Manor, High Point, Sylvan Hills, Joyland, Villages at Carver
  • Subarea 9: Grove Park, Knight Park/Howell Station, Marietta Street Artery, Rockdale
  • Subarea 10: Ashview Heights, Bankhead, Hunter Hills, Just Us, Mozley Park, Washington Park

Who can I contact for additional or detailed questions?

Call us at 404-418-7850 or 678-679-3775 for program inquiries or by email at More program information is on the website at

Who is paying for the Program?

As part of its mission to ensure that current homeowners will be able to stay in their communities, the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership will provide all funding for the program, sourced from philanthropic contributions.

How will homeowners receive the funds?

All tax payment increases will be made directly to the Fulton County Tax Commissioner’s office.

How much of the property taxes are homeowners obligated to pay?

Homeowners that have been approved for the program will be obligated to pay the same property tax dollar amount owed in 2019. The LRRP will pay the difference between your 2019 tax bill and your current year's tax bill. This is the Legacy Resident Retention Program’s property tax base year. For example, in 2019 you owed $100 in taxes, and in your current year, your tax bill is now $300. You will be responsible for paying $100 each program year until 2030 or as long as funds are available, and you continue to meet the program eligibility requirements.

How long will the program last?

The program is currently designed to last until 2030 as long as funds specifically received and designated by the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership for the Legacy Resident Retention Program are available. After 2030, the program will be re-evaluated.

Do you have to have homestead exemptions (City of Atlanta/Fulton County) to participate in the program?

Yes. If you are not receiving homestead exemptions, you may be paying too much on property taxes. We will help you apply for all homestead exemptions that you may qualify for as part of the program enrollment. The Legacy Resident Retention Program may extend to you a one-year grace period to participate in the program while applying for Homestead Exemption to remain eligible. Failure to obtain Homestead Exemption within the one-year grace period may result in removal from the program.

Do I have to live in my property to be eligible?

Yes, the property must be your primary residence to be eligible and you must have lived in the property as a homeowner since March 2017.

Does this program apply to water and sewage liens, or other city services?

No. The fund only applies to property taxes levied by the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Public Schools, and Fulton County.

Do I have to pay back the funds?

No, the received funds operate as a grant.

Does the homeowner have to pay taxes on the program property tax payments received?

No, the program homeowner tax payments are not taxable.

Do you pay back taxes?

The Legacy Resident Retention Program will consider back taxes on a case-by-case basis, and as long as the applicant meets all other qualifications.

What are the income eligibility requirements to participate in the program?

Households must make less than 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for their respective household size to qualify for participation. Please see Income Eligibility table to confirm eligibility.

Look across the top row (HH size) to find the number of people in your household. The row beneath that number is the maximum AMI level* or the maximum gross salary amount for LRRP eligibility.

HH Size 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person Salary $67,500 $77,200 $86,800 $96,400 $104,200 $111,900 $119,600 $127,300
*2022 AMI Limits

How will I know when the payment has been made to the Tax Assessors’ office on my behalf?

We will contact you by phone and mail/email to confirm the amount that was paid by the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership and let you know if there is any remaining amount that you will have to pay.

What if I own multiple properties?

Only the property that is your primary residence is eligible.

Are heirs property eligible?

Heirs of property are eligible if they meet all other qualifications.

Is this Legacy Resident Retention Program part of the Atlanta BeltLine Organization?

The LRRP is a program through the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership’s obligation to pay any increase on property taxes as part of the Legacy Resident Retention Program is expressly contingent on the availability of funds specifically received and designated by the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership for the Legacy Resident Retention Program and your continued eligibility under the program requirements, through tax year 2030

What is the cut-off date to get your taxes paid for that year?

Application periods are based on the calendar year. Applications will open on January 1 and must be approved by December 31 to receive payments for the current tax year. Keep in mind that applications may take up to 8 weeks to be approved from the day it was received.

Are there program participant testimonials?

Please listen to a program participant share their experience by watching this video.

Program Supporters

Your Gift Helps Us Take the Next Steps Forward

The estimated program cost is $12.6 million over the next 10 years. Thank you to our program partners for their generous financial support for legacy residents in the westside and southside equity priority areas. If you are interested in becoming a program partner, contact

LRRP Philanthropic Partners

Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
Georgia Power Foundation
Rocket Community Fund
Delta Airlines
Bank of America Neighborhood Builders
Tull Foundation, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Annie E Casey Foundation