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Our Supporters

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Bridgebuilder (Founders Circle) — $5,000+

The John and Rosemary Brown Family Foundation
Anna and Dallas Clement
Correll Family Foundation
Brian and Michelle Fisher
Jenny and Mike Messner, Speedwell Foundation
Marty and Linda Pinne
Realan Foundation
Markham and Ellen Smith
The Somerhalder Family Fund
Bentina and Antonio Terry
L&C Wood Family Foundation, Inc.

Trailblazer (Founders Circle) — $2,500-$4,999

C. Eugene Ireland Foundation
The Brewer Fund
Althea Broughton
Jennifer and Graham Dorian
Debby and David Eidson
Georgia and Wyatt Engwall
Courts and Becky Cooledge Family Fund
Dave Stockert and Cammie Ives
Brian and Melinda Mohr
The Hampton and Carter Morris Charitable Fund
Douglas Ohlstrom
Sara Lee Parker
Solid State Partners
Eduardo Pérez
Laurent Pierre
Rogers Family Fund
The Scott O. Seydel Family
Charlie Shufeldt
Elliott and Kate Wood

Groundbreaker — $1,000-$2,499

Kent and Diana Alexander
Ernesto Baron
Rob Brawner
Tammie and Mike Brown
Beth Brannen Chandler and Richard C. Chandler
Raj Choudhury
Nathan Furukawa and Elizabeth Clark
Kevin and Lynn Clark
Ann and Jeff Cramer
Joni Deus
Michael and Gabrielle Donnelly
Kathy Farrell
Kathi & Bob Goddard
Doug and Judy Hamilton
The Hamond Family Foundation
Sarah and Harvey Hill
Kyle Larson
Lubo Fund
Kevin and Wendy McDaniel
Mark McDonald
The Reagan and Mark McLaughlin Charitable Fund
Kurt Meyer
Robert E. and Barbara J. Morel Family Charitable Fund
Ted and Sarah
Zac Pasmanick
Kate and Matt Prince
The Neal Quirk Family
Michael Russell, CEO, H. J. Russell & Company
Jim Schroder
Trey and Mary Kathryn Turner
Kathy N. Waller
Mark Prausnitz and Cindy Weinbaum

RailRunner — $500-$999

Johnson Bazzel
Julie Brown
Sheryl Burke
Lindsey Caldwell
Jack Crowley
Melody and Ted Darch
Diana Ellsworth
Scott Family
Gina Gondron
Erin Green
Luther and Claire Griffith
Claude Grizzard and Elizabeth Grizzard
Heather Halcik
Manon Brochu and Christopher Hauck
Michael Isaacs & Ann Hazzard
Betty Ann and Ben Huger Family Foundation
Joel Iverson and Mary Stuart Iverson
Hardman and Kelly Knox
Lois Kono
Landry’s Helping Heart Gift Charity
Jenny Latz
Lauren Lewis
Jennifer and Kevin Lyman
Ms. Shannon Makaila
Gregory and Candace Moore
Doris Muir and Jeffrey S. Muir
Alan and Butchie Neely
Sarah and Brad Oppenheimer
Katherine and Dave Paul
Lori Peterson
Jonathan Robinson
Daniel Preister and Sean Sprague
Anne Sterchi
Katharine Wilcox Strahan and Andrew Strahan
Mark Root and Caroline Talley
Gregor Turk
Myron Vazquez
Chuck and Pat Young

Pathfinder — $250-$499

Shelly Ahmann
Nancy Barber
Stephen Blake
Adam Bowen
Elizabeth and Charles Brinkley
Robert and Sarah Bryant
Wendell Burks
Michael Carey
John Carter
George and Carrie Crews
Muffie Michaelson & Rob Dretler
Brian Dyson
E Pierce Evans
Emily Ferguson
Cristian Figueredo
Bryans Family Foundation
Julie Gaines
Brent Huff and Mike Gardner
Felix and Mallory De Golian
Micah Gremillion
Chris & Susan Hadorn
Lauren and Jeremy Haile
Peter and Meryl Harrell
Kristy and Chad Helmick
Clayton & Memorie Heyward
Clyde Higgs
Todd Vermeer and Samantha Hodgkins
Amanda Hoffman
Steven Labovitz
Daniel Levinson
Deborah Levinson
Diane and Bert Light
Stuart Meddin
Coby and Ansley Nixon
Patricia O’Connell
John Owings
Michael Paga
Sarah O’Leary & Michael Perry
Heather Peterson
Brian Ruppert
Kristin Olson Shearer
Esther and Jim Stokes
Anna Ruth Williams
Geoffrey and Kim Wilson
Dillon Wintz

Explorer — $150-$249

Ronald E. Alston
John Becker
Morgan & William Bembry
Livia Bicalho
Sheila & Allan Bleich
Bill & Haqiqa Bolling
Bill and Haqiqa Bolling
Stacey Bouma
Cathy Brawner
S.J. and Patricia Buchanan
Susie Buchter
Daniel Loventhal and Rachel Burt
Jim Caruso
Trey Cefalu
Mr. Stephen Chenney
Brandon Cody
Carol F. Comstock
Carolynn Cooper
Ms. Carolyn Cushing
Jeannie Cutts
Mark Davis
Ellen Davison
Jessica and Jeff DeHart
Deborah DeMoss
Richard and Linda Dicker
Marc Galonsky and Patricia Dietz
Lori Director
Salisha Evans
The Kieffer Family
Peter Farranto
Rebecca Bays and Douglas Gies
Yael Golan
Jane Gore
Laura Guillaumin
Kathleen Gundry
Tracy Haas
Scott Hawley
Anne Hendry and Robert S Hendry
Sally Horntvedt
Mr. Stephen James
Stephanie Johnson
Susan Johnson
Dylan Johnson
M M Joslin
Henry Kahn
John C. Keller
Sandra and Walter Kruger
C. Lawler
Richard and Meryl Levitt
Howard I. Levy
L. Glen Lewis
Jessica R Linden
Gary Long
Marsha Scott and James Long
Robert E. Moore
Susan Muller
Alan Newton
George Cam Oetter
Seunhee and Doug Pike
David Rachelson
Joe Rienzi
Marsha Ford & Jane Roberts
Alan and LuAnn Rockett
Steven Rodriguez
Ruth Ann Rosenberg
Ann and Steve Rushing
Marshall Sanders
Dianne Shain
Julie Sonday
John Stewart
Jonathan and Susie Throop
Richard Tigner
Andy Vance
Nicole Wedekind
Thurman Williams
Anna Ruth Williams
Bill and Susan Willson
George Zirkel
Jo Ann and Mark Zyla

Trekker — $45-$124

John S. Adamski
Tim Anderson
Cathi Barlow
Gale F. Barnett
Ed Cook and Marjorie Berman
Paul and Mary Bierbusse
Janet Bogle
Spencer and Sarah Boice
Angie Sue Brown
Daniel Caplan and Connie Nadine Buchanan
Steven Budnick
Judy Byrd
Chandana Chopra
Cathy and Cary Cloud
Julie Cohen
John A. Colabelli
Bobbi Cole
Mark Cole
Forrest Coley
Fairley Bell Cook
Shirley Davis
Kip and Genia Duchon
Elizabeth Ellis
Katherine Evans
Paddi White and Family
Robert Friedman
Alex Galloway
Sarita and Neel Gandhi
Martha and Michael Gangemi
Katherine Garner
Nicole Goodrich
Julie V Goosman
Chip Gross
Edith Guyton
Madison Hafitz
Kelly Hamm
Adam Handlan
Laura & John Hardman
Linda Franklin Harris
John Hawk
Nathan Hendricks
Paul Hermann
Carl Hudson
Jonathan Jackson
Trent and Martha Johnson
Matt Jones
James Kamishlian
Peter Kaye
Judith A Klemperer and Leslie Klemperer
Charles Kline
Kyle Kramb
Hans Michael Kraus
Patricia Laber
Nancy Lehrer
R. Dale Lewis
Dettrick Little
Janet Love
Essy Lucas
Acree Macam
W. James MacGinnitie
John Malamud
Elise Eplan and Bob Marcovitch
Chris and Pam Martin
Scott St Martin
Mary Mastrogiovanni
Gary & Sheila Miller
Eric Mintz
Tracy Montgomery
Martha Rogers and Jan Moore
Sally Mountcastle
Mardi Mountford
Sinan M Najm
Phil Nicholson
Steve Nord
Leonard Oddo
Jerold J. Pace
Yinta Pan
George Andl and Linda Pogue
Brennan Pratt
Eileen Price
Seth R Price
Frank Taylor Putney and Fran M Putney
Stephanie Ramsey
Natalie Rawlings
Doyle Reynolds
Evan Rock
Jane Saral
Kevin Shea
Mr. Dwight Shipman
Brian Smith
Randy Smith
Carli Smolen
Tom Somers
Alan Stewart
Bruce & Vicki Strahan
Kit Sutherland
Kristi E. Swartz
Jayne Thraen
Cathy Todd
David Pinson and Edith C. Waller
Chris and Christina Warburton
Allison Bates McConaughey and Warner Welch
Elliott and Susan Winton
Megan and Lawton Zurn