Business on the Atlanta BeltLine: Buena Vida Tapas & Sol

Juan Sebastien Calle and his business partner, Adam Berlin opened Buena Vida Tapas & Sol at the North and Line complex across from Historic Fourth Ward Park and adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail in December 2019. The restaurant and wine bar offers a Spanish seaside ambiance and menu inspired by the South of Spain and its islands.

“We see the food and the beverages that we put out as art,” shared Calle. “And there isn’t a better way to accompany it than with other art.”

From the “instagrammable wall” as guests walk in, to the carefully curated decorations, to the hand-crafted, custom dishes, customers are invited to step into an immersive Spanish dining experience.

Buena Vida’s most noteworthy art piece is the custom mural inside the restaurant, VIDA, painted by the public arts artist collective, Boamistura from Madrid, Spain. Calle’s younger sister, Laura Patricia Calle, was the programming director for Living Walls, an Atlanta non-profit organization that focuses on promoting the power of public art as a social and economic engine, providing an artistic workforce to create healthy, sustainable urban spaces for the city of Atlanta. Prior to her passing she was working with Boamistura to bring their art to Atlanta. Calle and his business partner teamed up with Living Walls to bring Boamistura to Atlanta to create the VIDA mural and a public art piece at the Beacon Atlanta. VIDA, or “LIFE” in Spanish carries the message that Laura will always remain alive through her work.

The decision to locate on the Atlanta BeltLine was inspired by the desire to be a part of the reshaping of Atlanta as a community and to share their food with a larger audience.

“The BeltLine brings so many people from all the neighborhoods, so it allows us to share our… passion for Spanish food and culture with all of Atlanta while still being a part of an amazing community.”

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