Happy Black Parent’s Path to Inclusivity

Meet Makeisha, a mom of seven, entrepreneur, and proud Pittsburgh neighborhood resident. Since making Pittsburgh home, Makeisha has jumped in full force to the investing in the community and making it her own. She was deeply involved in the development of Pittsburgh Yards® and was also a founding member of the Pittsburgh Community Market.  

Simultaneously, she established Happy Black Parent, an educational play space fostering concrete learning experiences for children. Welcoming families, tutors, and counselors, the aim is to normalize concepts like homeschooling and neurodivergence, making them inclusive and accessible. 

The Atlanta BeltLine plays a pivotal role in Makeisha’s life, providing community connections, events, and enabling a car-free lifestyle that reduces financial burdens. As Makeisha rides around the Westside with her kids on the BeltLine, she has a vision for ongoing neighborhood development, with hopes of inclusive benefits for current residents. For a closer look at Makeisha’s inspiring journey, watch the video below. 

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