Good As Burgers Offer Alternatives on the Trail 

Talia Jones, co-founder of Good As Burgers (GAB’s) alongside founder and CEO Cornoy Watkins, cultivated a place where plant-based delights meet success. Born amid the challenges of COVID, GAB’s has not only weathered the storm but also flourished into a trailblazing success story. From hitting a million dollars in its first year of operation to then joining the BeltLine Marketplace program, GAB’s is on track to accomplishing their goal of becoming a worldwide vegan chain restaurant.  

Nestled along the Eastside Trail, GAB’s is the first container restaurant on the BeltLine, a forerunner with a taste for success. Being located on the BeltLine has offered exposure to all trail visitors during the 18-month program. This flourishing venture’s mission extends beyond Atlanta, aiming to expose and inspire different communities to adopt a healthier way of eating.  

Talia sees the BeltLine as “the place to be.” “Being a part of the BeltLine Marketplace has been a dream really because when we stepped into the restaurant industry, we had no idea where we would go. When the BeltLine marketplace put us in their program, we really knew we could take off,” she says. 

Choosing GAB’S is not just about enjoying a delicious meal; it’s a commitment to saving lives and reducing environmental impact—one Good As Burger at a time. For more insight into how the BeltLine Marketplace is shaping the future of local gems like GAB’s on the BeltLine, watch the video below. 

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